by Baltimor

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Matthew Rukgaber
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Matthew Rukgaber Amazing NWOBHM. Classic in every way...calling to mind Motorhead, Diamond Head, Blitzkreig, and early Maiden. Really captures the gutter punk feel of the best of the genre. Every song is a winner. Favorite track: Hearse Man.
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Matt Did Baltimor just drop the best speed metal album of the year already?! Man, this album slays! The perfect mix of nwobhm, rock n' roll, and speed metal. HAILS! Favorite track: Marauder.
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Recorded and mixed by Viktor Gullichsen - Recorded at Suomenlinnan Studio 30.7.–1.8.2015 - Mastered by Mauri Syrjälä - Backing vocals by Denik - Hammond by Janne Kettunen, Hammond recorded by Antti Nieminen - Cover art by Raana Lehtinen - Cover photo by Tatu Hiltunen - Layout by Liisa Saari - All songs and lyrics by Baltimor


released January 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Baltimor Helsinki, Finland

The Members of the Great BALTIMOR

Hepis . Kake . Köskine . Jake . Joonas

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Track Name: In Halen
From the bottom of the earth
I arise centuries old
I was here before you
And will be when you’re gone
Lit with hell fire
I am reborn in smoke
Nightmares will follow my steps
From your lungs into your mind
I possess you ‘till only ash remains
A never-ending hunger
No amount will satisfy
In halen ‘till you die
Never doubt me ‘cause i’m the one
I’m burning down the holy father and his fucking son
Don’t trust that man
‘Cause he is a liar
I’ll be runnin’ with the devil
And we’ll both be on fire
We gotta move on
No time to pray
Fuck your P.M.A
‘Cause i’m D.O.A
Track Name: Night Time Ramblers
The darkness arrives and we awake
We gotta lose control, accelerate
Gimme three for now and twelve to go
A powerload, we’re gonna put on a show
The night is ours, no defeat
Night Time Ramblers
Cowards meet ass kicking feet
Night Time Ramblers
Beers at the speed of darkness
No longer men but beasts
We were born and bred
To drink and fucking shred
You can’t keep us down
We’re kings of the sidewalk
Give us our crown
Track Name: Marauder
A man with no remorse
A vagabond
Battle-tested in countless wars
Heaven sent
Real men don’t cry
Hell bent
Legends never die
Iron lung, liver of steel
Women quiver, men kneel
Iron lung, liver of steel
Refuses to be killed
Thousands of broken jaws
A warrior
Mountains of useless laws
Heaven sent
Real men don’t cry
Hell bent
Legends never die
Track Name: Hearse Man
So you woke up dead today?
No big surprise
You need a grave to lay
A shot to the back of the head, execution style
You’re fucked ‘cause you lived in sin
He’s gonna haul you in
Black suit, black car, black shoes
You only got your life to lose
Hearse Man
He’s out there and he’s looking for you
Killing ‘cause he can
Hearse Man
The one who pisses on graves
With total disregard
You’ll catch a boot to the face
Hearse Man is satisfied
And disappears into the night
Track Name: Hell In a Cell
Two men face the ultimate test
Scores will settled tonight
This has been brewing on for months on end
Their honor this two will defend
There ain’t no title shot
No first contendership
Both are walking out with permanent scars
No holds barred
One man stands in the middle of the ring
Blood has been shed
The other’s broken, beaten, battered
And every bone has shattered
Through bone
Through wood
Through steel they traveled
To the epitome of violence
“Good god almighty
That killed him
As god is my witness
He is broken in half”
Track Name: Eepos
Through the fire and the haze
Into infinite space
Shockwaves below are boosting my flight
Exploding sky used to be mine
Don’t think i’m coming back another time
Flames and heat underneath
Tells me that i’ve failed once again
Collapsing core melts
Steaming planet falls
It’s giving in to emptiness
Until there is nothing at all
Riding through the void
To find new soil
Strong enough to carry this load
Blazing through Mars
Through giant dying stars
Until I reach the end of this road
Far beyond
In another time
Claws touch the ground again
Track Name: The Crusher
Bones are ground to dust
Women are filled with lust
I outrun all on fiery soil
The chase makes the blood boil
Ahead with full force
Always unstoppable, lightning fast
You won’t catch up with me
You never stood a chance
That’s right
I wanna be a crusher
Chainsawing all bastards that stand in my way
No way there will ever be another
My pact is with Satan
We will have our day
Bleeding for the devil
In the gore I revel
Track Name: Heavy Metal Shit
Here it is
That heavy metal shit you’ve been craving
Top fucking speeds reached and exceeded
Limitless power
Volume that splits your skull
Limitless power
War, hate, and rock’n’roll
Ashes to ashes
Dust into dust
If it wasn’t for us
The fast lane would rust
We only hit where it counts
Drink beer in large amounts
Riffs ‘till the cab melts
Beer (vodka), weed and bullet belts
No rest ‘till apocalypse
The beer count is six six six
Kick kick kicking at hell’s door
‘Cause our name is Baltimor